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Becoming a successful sales professional doesn’t have to mean following a sales pitch that feels fake or uncomfortable, or turning into the typical salesperson everyone loathes. I help sales professionals implement an ethical, human-centered sales process that focuses on helping—not selling—customers, which in turn will increase your numbers, and make you feel great about what you do.

Who I Am

As a sales professional, you carry a lot on your shoulders. Your customers, your business, and your family all depend on your success. But it seems like every sales process you were ever taught, is set up to SELL at all costs, the customer be damned.

Traditional sales training has always taught how to be a typical sales person—how NOT to be yourself. It has never been designed to teach you how to be a human being that just happens to sell for a living.

As a former sales pro and sales team manager, I have personally experienced the anxiety you’re struggling with. I have also seen how much of a difference the right sales system can make on your numbers, your customer reviews, your confidence, and your career success.

I help sales professionals and teams execute the customer-centered, science-backed sales system that brought me success for almost 30 years, so they can:

  • Escape the “used-car salesman” perception that every salesperson faces daily
  • Do what’s right for their customers and without sacrificing their integrity or personality
  • Feel secure in their job and their ability to provide for the people they care about
  • Sell more than they ever have in their career and feel great doing it

I turned this process into an Amazon Best Selling Book, The 7 Secrets to Selling More by Selling Less. In addition to training sales teams across the globe, I host the popular Marketing and Sales, over Cocktails Podcast, share my knowledge through webinars, and have been featured as a lead speaker at multiple summits and conferences.

Whether you’re a sales manager eager to help your team reach their full potential, or a sales professional who wants more from their job than missed quotas and how to handle objections, I can help you implement a sales system that will improve everything. Schedule a meeting to get started!

3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Sales Using the 7 Secrets Philosophy

Incorporate storytelling into your sales process to make your product easier to understand, relatable, and memorable.

When you walk into a sales meeting, switch your mindset from “I’m here to make the sale” to “I’m here to sincerely help my customers.”

Use psychology to price your product or service in the most effective way possible so customers see you as the best option available.

Why Sales Professionals Love This Process:

It’s not sales. It’s science.

The 7 Secrets Sales System teaches you about human behavior and how the human brain works, to help customers feel more confident and comfortable purchasing from YOU.

Clear, consistent messaging.

Customers don’t always buy the best products, they buy the products that are explained to them the best. If your sales messaging is not clear, people will buy from your competitors.

Outside evaluation that works.

I will evaluate every aspect of your sale's process, strategies, lead generation, as well as your team’s performance, and recommend vital, strategic changes needed to increase your numbers, and boost morale.

What Clients Are Saying

“Allan is an extraordinary leader, facilitator, and collaborator. He can effortlessly command the room and draws you in with his storytelling and relatability. Whether you’re looking to increase sales, improve team cohesion, or boost overall sales knowledge, Allan is the first call you should make. He’s definitely my go-to consultant!”

Brittany Drozd

Owner/CEO of Brittany Drozd Coaching

“Allan Langer is a powerful teacher, trainer, sales coach, and leader. His knowledge base is vast and he is always learning and trying new methods to meet the needs of his clients. Allan is a role model for building relationships, selling without selling, and professional outreach. He is a true professional and expert in his field while adding empathy and humor to the mix.”

Patricia Raskin

Owner/CEO of Raskin Resources Production

“We think of sales as a dirty word, something to be fearful of. Allan is an ethical guide to a place where sales is directed by honesty, values and shared relationship building. Talk to Allan and let him find that place where you are the most fulfilled because you now love what you do and more importantly you love why you do it. It's one thing to find out how to sell more but learning how to sell better is much more satisfying.”

Steve Mason

Owner/CEO of Steve Mason Photographer

“I hired Allan for two days worth of training for my retail sales staff, and in just two days, he helped increase our sales by over 30%, just by energetic training and having us implement his simple philosophies. All of his teachings and insights are spot on. Best money I ever spent, hire him!”

Jan Cole

Owner/CEO of Zoltrain, Inc.

“Allan has mastered the ability to connect with people and develop relationships in order to achieve results. If you are looking for a sales and marketing professional to reinvigorate your team, train your sales staff on the best sales tactics, or help your company build a bridge between sales and marketing initiatives, I highly recommend Allan. You won’t regret it!"

Jonathan Monterecy

Agency Director of Trailblaze Marketing

“When it comes to sales training, no one does it better than Allan. Period. Allan can help an individual or organization generate more sales than they ever thought possible. I’ve learned so much from him, and I’m forever grateful for that. If your sales are down, and you don’t know why, he’s definitely the ‘go-to guy’ who can turn things around for you. Super professional, down to earth and a person I’m glad to have in my corner. Highly recommended!”

Ed Mcdonough

CEO/Owner of ECE Marketing

“From overreaching principles and strategies to technical details on body language and communication, Allan presents a dynamic detour from the same old sales books that populate bookshelves today, and the talks everyone has heard before. He will take your message and clarify everything so that your sales take off, and get everyone you have on the same page.”

Brad Camiel

Owner/President of Isaaksin Solar

“Allan consistently chooses quality over quantity. When he says 'sell human' he means it. In the saturated space of sales and marketing, Allan has found a way to stand out and add value. Allan remains relevant in his readiness to adapt and change with the times in ways that utilize technology without losing personality. Ask him anything!”

Katrina JC Fuhrman

Sipp Verizon Sales Execution

“I liked Allan’s book so much that I asked him to coach me. His gift for thoughtful questioning and active listening revealed hidden opportunities in my approach to selling. Working with Allan I was encouraged to "ditch the pitch” and show up with my customers as a caring human, not a salesman. Anyone wanting to grow their business ought to read Langer's book and hire him!”

Martin T Misenhimer

Become the Sales Professional You’ve Always Wanted to Be

Don’t let an outdated sales process hold you back and limit your sales. Set up a virtual meeting with me to create a customer-centric, science-based sales system that provides incredible results, both for you, your company, and the customer.