Praise for The Seven Secrets…

BrAD CAmiel
CEO/OWNER, Isaaksen Solar

“7 SECRETS is an incredible blend of the art and science of sales, and of life. From overreaching principles and strategies to technical details on body language and communication, this book is a dynamic detour from the same old sales books that populate bookshelves today. Allan’s voice is personal and engaging, while simultaneously arming sales professionals with a loaded quiver of tools to perfect their craft. Bravo!”

— Brad Camiel, Owner/CEO, Isaaksen Solar

Jan Cole
CEO, ZoltRain, inc. Entrepreneur and business leader

“Wow, a meaty, well-researched and thoroughly entertaining read that will not only increase your sales, but your understanding and knowledge of your customer’s buying perspective – sadly, the most overlooked aspect of most sales trainings. Allan’s style is easy, refreshing and convincing. A definite must read for all sales professionals, including management.”

founder aND OWNER of and celebrate, LLC and co-founder of
the branding Edit

“7 SECRETS is what every salesperson needs to help build meaningful, lasting relationships and connections . . . This book is a quick, memorable read that anyone dealing with customers should have readily available at their side.”